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Sunday 26 February 2006

wasting time

I am in between books right now. My editor is in the process of reading my latest manuscript and I don't have another due for a few months. At times like these I promise myself that I will get the next book done ASAP so I can take a break before deadline. But at times like these such promises fall by the wayside the minute I find a new and wonderful distraction.


Yahoo Avatars

Want to present yourself to the Internet world without using a photo and a bio? Why not create a Yahoo Avatar. It's like playing Barbies but you can pick your own hair colour, eye shape, pet, emotion...

Most of it was easy until I had to choose an outfit. It takes me a thousand changes of clothes to decide what to wear to the shops, so having to pick an outfit to define me for the duration was horrible!

So this is me, in an outfit in which I would feel all too comfortable, at my favourite time of year. Bring on autumn!

And then again, it you too are a budding romance writer, how about your heroes and heroines? You don't need to just pick a picture from a magazine or close your eyes and see the picture in your head, create your own couple right there in front of you with pets, hats, backgrounds, seasons and all.


I can spend hours taking these quizzes to find out the most inane ridiculous things like:

What kind of pie are you? Lemon Meringue Pie (mmmm...)
What 80s heartthrob should you be with? Jason Bateman (ta muchly)
At what price would you sell out? $1,105,578 (I feel so cheap)
What artist should paint your portrait? Klimt (ick! my least favourite!)
Which of Santa's reindeer are you? Rudolph (was hoping for a cheeky one)

Some you might agree with, some you might not, but that only makes you delve deeper into your psyche (according to each three to five question quiz). I decided I didn't want to know if I could pass eight grade math. But I mean, seriously, how can you go another day without discovering your funky inner hair colour??? Mine's pink. Go figure!

Move down the left hand side of the page and click on a quiz - they change every time you look so if you have an addictive personality as I do, you may find yourself there for hours!!!