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Monday, 17 July 2006

a lick of paint

So much for looming deadlines!

When I could have been sitting back on my nice comfy chair, writing about two people falling in love, I spent the whole weekend lugging stuff around instead. (Don't you just love this picture? I adore it! So romantic. They look so like my Alpha hero and heroine at the end of my WIP, though you wouldn't know it the way they are circling one another at the moment;))

Anyhoo, the end point for all the lugging was all good. The lugging was done in order to paint my office (it once was duck egg blue and now is a beautiful pale coffee colour) and set-up - read build from scratch - my new superdesk. (Okay, so I read out the instructions while hubby did the muscle work. And seriously, if he didn't have a degree in Cams and Cam Pins, I don't know that we could have done it!)

I have never before had a superdesk, always relying on my lap in front of the TV, a cheap pretend pine thing in the corner of the loungeroom, or in a spare room of our new house but surrounded by mess and boxes and those horrid duck egg blue walls that were so bright I don't know how I got a single thing done!

But now, as I sit here and chat to you, I have a flat screen monitor, a pullout keyboard thingy, acres of desk space onto which to put my constant mess of very important paper, walls so smooth and clean and soothing I just might cry, and a box marked 'ASDL Internet' which my hubby will set up when he gets home from work. (I can program the DVD recorder with my eyes closed, but computer hardware makes me nervous :))

So this week, as I take part in the Romance Writers of Australia's Book in a Week project, I can only hope that my elegant new surrounds will be conducive to writing the 10000 words I promised myself, and a whole email loop full of people, that I would be able to achieve.