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Monday, 12 February 2007

all talk

Today I took a library talk at the Lilydale Library in Melbourne.

I always say yes without hesitation when asked to do such things. And I mean yes. Until the ngiht before when nerves get the better of me. Such nerves lead to one last read through of my notes before leaving the house which led to my being 10 minutes late!!!

A roomful of people awaited me as I shuffled in in my high heels, sweat dripping down my neck from the panic and the hot car. Thankfully the lovely gang had put on a fabulous spread of sandwiches and coffee for my lovely guest so they were kept occupied for a few minutes while I set up my display table, fanned myself down and caught my breath.

Whenever I take talks, my very favourite part is ALWAYS the questions and answer section at the end. Because I am pretty good at blathering. And then I can just wax lyrical about whatever the people in the audience really want to know. So this time, I came up with the idea of basing my talk around the most frequenlty asked questions I get at talks and at dinner parties when people find out I am a romance author;). Clever huh?

The talk went fabulously. The audience were smiley and well fed ;). They laughed in all the right places. Sighed in those I didn't expect. And had lots of new questions to ask at the end. We stayed back a good three-quarters of an hour past the end time. Fabulous fun!!! I highly recommend it.

These were the quesitons:

v How did you become an author?

v Is there a formula?

v How much money do you make? (I’m dead serious!!!)

v Where do I get my ideas?

v Can anyone write book? (or more precisely "anyone can write a book")

v Why romance?

v Will you ever try to write a different type of book?

v Do you simply wait for inspiration to strike?

v Does it get easier?

If you wanna know all the answers, tomorrow at 11am I'll be talking at the Wheelers Hill Libary at 11am. Come along if you can!

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