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Wednesday, 14 February 2007

things you could do today

- Get out a dozen new romance novels at your local library! -

- Eat expensive chocolate and not feel guilty -

- Watch a Bride and Prejudice & Shall We Dance marathon (I watched them both yesterday in fact - gooorgeous!!!) -

- Pluck a bunch of wild daisies from the backyard - or your neighbour's yard if necessary - sure they won't mind today of all days, and put it in a vase in your kitchen -

- Let him hold the channel remote all night (I know this will be hard, painful even, but thinks of the wife points it'll earn you) -

- Tell that special someone you love them... Actually you should do that every day not because Interflora tells you you should! -

(Okay, now can you tell "we" don't celebrate Valentines Day in my house ;))