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Thursday 22 February 2007


Okay, so I've been tagged from a couple of corners of the world thanks to the lovely Barbara Hannay and Trish Wylie to share ten random things about myself. I always wonder when the time will come when I've told all my stories and none of this will be news anymore, but I so enjoyed reading theirs that I've put together one of my own so as to not be the block in the information flow ;).

  1. My favourite flower is the gardenia. I remember waking up in the hotel room in Las Vegas the day after my wedding and the whole room smelled of gardenias. Soooo delicious!!!
  2. When I grew up I wanted to be a teacher who played the flute. Not sure how those two things hung together in my little mind but they did. (Not a bad aim considering my little sister Suze wanted to be a tractor and marry my mother)
  3. Then I changed my mind and decided I wanted to be a Barrister. Not a lawyer, or a solicitor, but a Barrister – capital B intended. Likely the effect of watching too much LA Law with my mum and wanting to say all those gorgeous speeches and make people cry with my eloquence.
  4. My close friends in high school all went on to become doctors and lawyers and therapists and in great government positions. I was always the “I wonder what strange job she’ll end up with” member of the group.
  5. I wrote my first book wearing a white floral garland in the hopes it would help connect me to my muse. Truly! Looking back that makes me feel like a total goose, until last year I read the book by the guy who started Nanowrimo and he claimed to have worn a Viking helmet for the same reason!
  6. My middle name is Leigh – and I don’t know why! Must ask…
  7. I walk about the world with my head in the clouds most of the time I’m not the type to see a fifty dollar note on the sidewalk or mess on the coffee table.
  8. And I hate heights too. Perhaps I was asked to walk the plank in a former life and simply don't like looking down ;).
  9. I can’t cook – hubby does ALL the cooking and he always makes it look like it could be served at a restaurant. (Though that said I make a killer warm chicken salad and chocolate cake – so nice Trish Wylie used my chocolate cake in one of her books!!!)
  10. I like the colour red – my handbag, phone, business card holder, throw cushions on my couch, and utensils in my kitchen are all red. I have my eye on a red kettle and toaster. Might take some convincing hubby who is in charge of the kitchen (see point # 9)

I tag anyone who read this! Pass it on...