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Monday 12 March 2007

between the sheets: the final countdown

I am going off planet the next few days as I finish la book.

Now I am at the pulling the freyed edges together time. Meshing together the scenes which I wrote in blocks on my Alphie. Making sure the segues from one scene to another are neat and fabulous. Making sure the flow and tips and turns of the romance make perfect sense, and that the timing and pacing of events are ideal. Generally giving the thing a mighty clean up.

Big job this. I always seem to conveniently forget how big. What with read through, printout, editing on paper with my darling red pen, loading changes back into computer, then reading again, it takes me about a week.

Trish Wylie's deadline cave is even looking like it has far too many distractions insde so I have chosen a tepid, yet remote planet with nothing bar a desk, a computer, an endless supply of cold water, cream filled biscuits, multi-vitamins, 2B pencils, twnety-four hour light, scrap paper, no internet (bar google for research purposes and no that does not mean that I need to look up anymore pictures of Marat Safin), no TV, no TV remotes, endless playlists of songs I like, and a view of nothing bar dark sparkly space as far as the eye can see.

Wish me luck!