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Thursday 22 March 2007


Book is done and dusted and sent away. Picture me about to crash on lounge chair and not get up.

What a relief! It was a tad late, for which I owe many grovelling hugs and kisses of feet to my lovely editor for being so understanding. But it was also the fourth book I have written in eight months. And for a girl who usually wrote 2-3 books a year since the beginning of this crazy journey that was some feat.

Exhausting. Nutty. Fun. Terrifying. And I'm glad it's over!!!

Next book, a Modern Extra, isn't due for another 3 months, and I've already begun it. And what a fun fun premise!!! (Not giving anything away here though as it is just too too fabulous for words ;)) I really can't wait to get stuck into it.

Buuuuut, I'm thinking a week off would be looooovely. Time to spend with folks this weekend. Maybe a few DVDs while sitting on the couch. I might even see the sky for the first time in days. That would be nice. Especially since daylight savings ends here in Aus on Saturday. Boo hoo!

The couch calls!