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Saturday 31 March 2007

hot heroes

So, Modex Authors extraordinaire Jenna, Trish and Nicola have just blogged about the hero inspiration for their latest MX books.

So that I ain't left behind here is Damien Halliburton. Nice? Hot? Sexy as? I think so.

It took some research to find my guy, I tell ya. I went from McDreamy to McSteamy to a lovely Aussie guy by the name of Vince Colossimo, until I stumbled upon this picture of one Josh Hartnett. My Dom doesn't smoke, but he does smoulder. I love everything about the pic - the hair, the dark eyes, the danger. Stick this guy in a suit and let the games begin.

Trish has just begun her tale Letting Loose. Jenna is about 2000 words into Driven to Distraction. Come Monday I will be diving deep into Phone Sex.... That's the working title of my book, so don't be getting any ideas!

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