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Saturday, 3 March 2007

new book! new book!


Online now in the UK!!! You can pick up a copy already at the website.

Check out all about the book, who I cast as my hero and heroine, how the book came about, the Dear Reader letter from the front of the book, and an excerpt from the very beginning of the book, at the GETTING DOWN TO BUSINESS page on my website.

And just because I am that nice to you, here's a taste test you won't find anyone else:


‘We’ve met before, you know,’ Abbey said, as her eyes darted about the opulent private bar at the rear of the hundred-year-old Swank building.

Flynn had a hard time paying much attention to what she was saying. For gone was the tidy juggernaut with the intriguing air of slightly desperate ambition, in place of a bright-eyed, slightly mussed version of herself helped along by a very little Dutch courage. If not for the memorable sight of those extraordinary legs swaying sexily towards him as she’d followed the porter inside he might have thought it was a different woman.

‘And where did we meet, Ms Parrish?’ Flynn asked, as he motioned to a passing waiter to bring him a wine list.

‘Can I grab a coffee too, please,’ she asked the waiter. ‘Black. Strong. No sugar. We met at a Chic party several months ago.’

The waiter paused, a half smile lighting his face as he thought she was still talking to him. Flynn motioned him away with a small shake of his head, quite fiercely not wanting some random guy to think he was in there.

Why, he had no idea. She wasn’t his usual type. Despite her cascade of honey-blonde waves, creamy pale skin that blushed easily and a seriously cute smattering of freckles across her dainty nose. And those true blue eyes; wide, ingenuous, and pensive. Despite that heady mixture of inducements she was high strung, edgy, and not nearly enough enamoured of him.

Nevertheless Flynn undid the button of his suit jacket, tugged at the knot of his tie, and shifted forward a little in his seat and smiled down at her some more.