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Monday, 5 March 2007

one man's trash

Don't you just love ebay?

My hubby is an ebay fanatic. He buys and sells all sorts of junk, things most people would throw away. We bought my first laptop on ebay. Our washing macine and fridge. My friend Sheree sold an old mattress for over $1000 that would have cost them $15 to get taken away had they thrown it out.

And now I see that the window through which JFK was allegedly shot and killed sold for an amazing $3 million a couple of weeks back. (Check out the auction here) The fact that these artefacts are still around, that they show up years later, amazes me. And the market gobbles them up which makes it even more fascinating.

I myself have a couple of original Bobby Kenndy support pins from his 1968 campain which I bought at a market in Melbourne a few years back. Funny, but it would never in a million years occur to me to ebay it.

Each to their own right?