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Sunday 25 March 2007


Went to see Miss Saigon last night.

Seriously this is the most beautiful, sweet, tragic, dramatic, sexy, game, fabulous, heart-wrenching musical ever written. I went with my Mum and my hubby's Aunt last night, and I joked to Mel who hadn't seen it before (unlike Mum and I who saw it on Broadway and know it sooooooo well from owning the CD and knowing every word for years and years) that she should get her tissues out ready for the first song. Within two minutes of the show starting I was in tears! And by the end I was blubbing so hard I had to keep stopping clapping to blow my nose!

It is really moving, but also I think I was quite simply stoked to be there listening to and watching such an amazing cast sing such beautiful songs and acting their little hearts out. Gorgeous!!!!! ps. do you think I could sing in musicals???

Then today 3 of the chicklets found a new home.

Stewie Griffin was starting to crow. three months old and already a big man!!! This time hubby was clevver and advertised that we would give him and a female away to a good home. And we found someone who wanted him!!! A lovely family who've just bought a farm. They came around to our hoouse today, mum, dad and two little girls whose faces just glowed when they saw the chickens that would soon be theirs!!! MArk told them what we had named them but said the girls could certainly change their names. Consideirng they were Stewie Griffin, Vinnie Barbarino and Vera de Milo, I won't be surprised if they do ;).

The tomorrow mum and I will watch West Wing, she's reading the latest Trish Wylie - wouldn't let me do so first - and has lent me a bunch of LaVyrle Spencer books.... I feel a good week has begun ;).