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Sunday 29 April 2007

between the sheets: revisions

I'm currently having a blissful time working through some minor revisions on Hud and Kendall's tale. Remember them from KISSING A FOOL? The romance I was working on in my Between the Sheets series.

It's been about 6 weeks since I sent them away to play with my editor and at that time I was well rid of them ;). And nervous as I always am that this one will be a disaster and I just don't yet know it. But my editor loved the story. The revisions merely entail filling in gaps of information that I know intimately in my head but didn't get onto paper clearly enough, or in some cases left out all together. Hmmm...

And now, re-reading, layering in said bits and bobs, I am thoroughly enjoying this tale. My heroine is damaged but determined and completely discombobulated by the tall dark stranger in her mist. And the split second my hero lays eyes on her, his heart is hers and his fate is sealed. It's all kind of a bit magical if I do say so myself.

Throw in copious quotes from Byron and Shakespeare, a rampant summer garden that I can smell the minute it hits the page, a deaf schnauzer, a fairytale mansion, a cool shadowy pine forest, a tattoo of a woman's name, Jeff Buckley's Grace playing in the background as I write, and the slow opening of two people's eyes and minds and hearts, I'm finding it hard to sleep at night without thinking about this story.

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