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Tuesday, 3 April 2007

fab heroines

Meet Monica Grant.

Another heroine who went through several incarnations in the begining of her journey only to land sqaurely and solidly on the broad, glamorous shoulders of one Ms Bridget Moynahan - better known as "the idiot stick-figure with no soul" from Sex and the City, though I'll be giving her a slightly different role of gorgeous, fabulous heroine ;))

Monica is a frantic small business owner who runs Raw Designs which is all about animal print and natural fabrics. Her Blackberry is her whole world.

Damien (see the last post for a goooorgeous piccie) is a suit. A man with a water tight brain for figures - of the number and the female kind - but who couldn't program a VCR if his life depended on it.

One busy lunch hour their worlds entangle, inexorably...

Check out how Trish and Jenna are getting on!!!

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