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Tuesday 10 April 2007


Okay, so this past weekend hubby and I went away for a few days up to his Auntie Mel's farm. Little did I know I had a lovely woman from the Virginia Romance Writers trying to call me, to tell me I had finalled in the Traditional section of the HOLT Medallion!

I literally had no idea until the lovely Trish Wylie shouted loudly on my MSN messenger thingie all the way from Ireland this morning! Picture me franctically checking my email which had been collecting dust all weekend - which naturally took forever to load! And yes, it's true!

MEANT-TO-BE MOTHER was a pure joy to write, the first under my lovely interim editor Jenny who looked after me and held my hand when my usual lovely editor was on maternity leave. And between us we have figured out that four of the five books nominated in the traditional section were editied by that one fantabulous editor! How clever is she???

I am all teary right now!!! And wishing I'd been home to get that phone call!!! Though sitting atop a hill looking out over rolling pastures while face up, basking in the last of the sunshine for the season was a truly lovely way in which to eat lots of chocolate ;).

Check out the other lucky nominees here! Winners are to be announced on June 9th.

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