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Thursday, 12 April 2007

truffles, elegant bunnies, and icing sugar highs

Now, before I came hom to the lovely news about my HOLT MEDALLION nomination as Best Traditional romance for 2006... now take a breath ;) ... I had a lovely Easter weekend.

Hubby, our puppy Squiffy and I spent time on the property on which I set my 2006 book A FATHER IN THE MAKING. This is the view from the fence at the front of the house. It's sooooo beautiful. Now imagine the last of the winter sun beating down on the back of your neck, cattle braying in the distance, and the soft swoosh of a light wind playing through the grass. Ahhhhh...

As well as the gorgeous location, we can't forget the food. Hubby's clever Auntie Mel had found the recipe on the internet for an amazing dessert we had all eaten together at the iconic Cafe du Monde in New Orleans years ago (one of the business survivors of the French Quarter). Beignets. Donut type creations cut into rectangles and lathered in icing sugar. And they were magnificent! Messy, hot, smooth, light, sweet and reminiscent of a gorgeous holiday our two families spent togehter back when we first got married.

Knowing there was so much chocolate in the house we began Friday with a bag of mixed Cadbury flavours. Saturday morning, before a day spent at local markets, we opened a box of assorted Lindt balls. Saturday night saw my very favourite, Belgian truffles by Duc d'O, and hubby's faves dark chocolate cherry liqueurs. And finally the Easter Bunny arrived on Sunday morning with classic Red Tulip elegant bunnies. Can you imagine I feel I am now as big as the side of a house!

So I will now eat my vert last truffle, settle my extra wide bottom into my office chair and get back to the real life business of writing a book. Especially considering Trish and Jenna are zooming ahead!!!

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