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Tuesday, 15 May 2007

busy busy

Am feeling a mite better. Thanks to all of you lovelies who've emailed me with hugs and advice. Have lived on home made broth and water and vitamins and aloe vera tissues the past few days. And am on the up and up. I have to be considering the weekend I have ahead!!!

SATURDAY: Healesville Sanctuary with hubby - my clever Ma bought him a behind the scenes tour of the reptile cages for his birthday. (He loves the things - and we own two snakes, remember?)

SUNDAY: Footy!!! Go Pies! And at night a very much looked forward to Taco dinner at friend's house (both crunchy and soft wraps have been promised)

MONDAY: Lunch with the gorgeous Melbourne lunch mob, and possibly even a visit by Nicola Marsh and her gorgeous newborn bub Jude

TUESDAY: Library Talk at Croydon Library (phone bookinsg still available on (03) 92945640)

WEDNESDAY: Morning Tea & Lunch at my place for my girls Sheree, MJ and Emily and their broods. I hope they remember to bring toys!!!

In between times I also have to clean the house for visitors ;), and write. With a book due in five and a half weeks it's not like I can take a leisurely week off. Okay, I'd better stop listing things. I may just have a relapse!