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Tuesday, 1 May 2007

lovely review

I've had some very clever writing friends who've been in this business tell me that the thing with reviews is: When they're good, love 'em, when they're bad, ignore 'em.

Well, Romantic Times have very kindly given me a four star rating and a lovely for my next Harlequin Romance, available online in both the UK and North America today by the way (plug, plug, plug ;))!!! So here 'tis!

Hiring handyman Tom Campbell to clear her bramble-ridden yard so she can access the nearby beach is one of artist Maggie Bryce's smarter moves. Tom's a hard worker, and he quickly becomes a friend. There's a strong attraction between them too -- and addressing it changes things slightly. Maggie's in the process of divorcing her unfaithful husband, and Tom won't get involved with a married woman. But once Maggie's single, there's still Tom's secret to deal with. Ally Blake's Billionaire on Her Doorstep (4) has a wonderfully quirky heroine and a yummy hero -- and the payoff for their slowly developed relationship is sweet indeed.

Awwww, isn’t that nice? BILLIONAIRE ON HER DOORSTEP hits bookshelves across the United Kingdom at the beginning of June with a brand new looking Romance cover, and North America in the middle of the month.

Check out an excerpt here! Or buy the book online here!

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