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Thursday, 10 May 2007

mothers day book promo

Okay kiddlywinks, the lovely Tessa Radley just informed me that my June book, BILLIONAIRE ON HER DOORSTEP, is part of a fab Mothers' Day promo on eHarlequin. Buy three of the featured books listed here and get free shipping!!!

1. Her Last First Date by Susan Mallery
The Scrapbook by Lynnette Kent
Fortune's Forbidden Woman by Heidi Betts
Mr. Irresistible by Karina Bliss
Risking It All by Stephanie Tyler
The Second Time Around by Angie Daniels
Billionaire on Her Doorstep by Ally Blake
His Only Wife by Cathy McDavid
Always Means Forever by Deborah Fletcher Mello
All About Evie by Beth Ciotta

Browse more Mother's Day Sale books!

To whet your appetite some more, I'd like you to meet Maggie...

I loooved getting to know Maggie. She is so different from any of my previous heroines. Sharp, caustic, always dressed in oversized jeans, oft-washed t-shirts, bare foot and with a bandanna covering her biscuit colured hair. But she lives in her large beautiful, white, rambling, ramshackle house on the Portsea bluff, alone, for any number of dang good reasons.

She could almost be classed a hermit if not for the self-professed Sorrento Artist's Colony, a band of wild and wonderful women who descend upon her every Wednesday to talk art, food, and of course men...

Here's a little taste test to let you know what Tom thought when he first laid eyes on my Maggie...

With a shake of her head, she tiptoed off the drop cloth, scrunching her toes as she wiped her bare feet at the edge and moved to join him.

She walked with a sort of natural elegance, like a ballet dancer, heel to toe, long legs fluid. Her skin had an almost translucent appearance and her clothes hung off her like she had lost weight quickly and had not found the time or inclination to put it back on.

She was pretty tall, too. She must have been near five-ten. Tom drew himself up to his full six feet and one half inch to compensate. And though her eyes were grey, when she wasn’t glaring at him they held hints of the same pale blue found in the clear spring sky behind her.

She pulled the navy bandanna from her hair and used it to wipe her hands, then tucked it into the back pocket of her jeans. Next she yanked a hair band from her ponytail and shook the straight length loose until it hung long and dishevelled half way down her back before gathering it all and folding it into a messy low bun.

This little act was merely a habit, he was sure. Her movements were fast, spare, and not meant to impress. But they impressed him. In fact he found the whole hair shaking move pretty darned satisfying.

Or maybe that was the point after all. Maybe that was how she got her kicks - conning local workmen into her web for a quickie before tumbling them off the cliff onto the jagged rocks behind her secluded home. Perhaps her infrequent trips into town at the wheel of her suburban tank were to buy quicklime and shovels.

She strode past him and into the massive kitchen, and despite his lively imaginings, Tom followed.

BILLIONAIRE ON HER DOORSTEP is available now at Harlequin online, or wait until it hits bookshelves in the UK and North America come mid-June.

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