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Saturday 19 May 2007


Today hubby and I made the long trip up north to Healesville Sanctuary as my clever mother had bought him a behind the scenes of the zoo tour for his birthday.

Once we departed the city, the trip was magical, driving through winding roads surrounded on both sides by rolling hills covered in beautiful vineyards, yellow with dry leaves and avenues of trees which have finally begun to turn red and orange and gorgeously autumnal just two weeks before winter ;).

The zoo is all Australian animals, the grounds large and neat and welcoming. The behind the scenes tour, usually people by about 18 people today had just us. So hubby, me and Ian the guide spent two hours together.

Hubby handled the snakes and lizards and monitors and other crazy reptiles of which he is most fond to his heart's content. I was lucky enough to be on the cuddling end of an affectionate emu, a gorgeous ringtail possum, a baby joey called Oz in the hospital nursery (that one I sooo wanted to take home!). 'Twas sooo lovely!

Thanks Mum, thanks Ian, thanks Healesville, thanks heavens for not opening up upon our heads as you looked determined to do, we had a lovely lovey day.