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Friday 18 May 2007

so many men, not enough books...

Thanks for all your lovely comments about my lastes book sale. I'm still over the moon!

Oh, and I've changed my hero inspiration.

I did have a very lovely picture of Josh Hartnett which gave me a fabulous meet between Monica and Damien in my current Modern Extra. But the character developing from that meet just wasn't the sharp, slick, too cocky for his own good guy that picture was meant to inspire.

My guy, my Damien, is heaven. He's sexy, beautiful, successful, and just a little bit goofy. Suddenly I found msyelf channeling a little bit of Sam Seaborn and a little Senator McAllister, which if you watch the same TV shows I do you'll know were both played by the delicious Rob Lowe.

In high school my friend Sangeeta was going to marry him when she grew up, but he never did it for me then. Too pretty. Too scrawny. But he's certainly grown into himself beautifully. And now, with that self-deprecating sense of humour, those too good to be true good looks and the way he fills out a suit, he IS my Damien.

So far in the past two days pictures like these have inspired 3000 words which is fabulous! And did you know he turned down the role of McDreamy, from another TV show I adore? Just a little bit of trivia to start your day ;).

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