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Thursday 3 May 2007

Thursday Thirteen

Jenna Bayley-Burke has been keeping me intrigued with her Thuirsday Thirteen lists and I thought this week, since I have recently sold my thirteenth book, I'd join in. Not every week, I adore lists but don't know how the woman finds the energy!!!

Thirteen opening lines from my first Thirteen books!

1. 'I’m getting married,’ Holly announced as she slammed her briefcase on the desk in her office at Cloud Nine Event Management, fifteen minutes later than her usual start time. THE WEDDING WISH, Harlequin Romance

2. Furiously caressing her favourite calming crystal, a smooth, misshapen ball of blue lace agate, Romy was able to keep her mounting impatience in check. MARRIAGE MATERIAL, Harlequin Romance

3. 'Kelly Rockford. Babe. You’re a hit!’ MARRIAGE MAKE-OVER, Harlequin Romance

4. It was love at first sight. HOW TO MARRY A BILLIONAIRE, Silhouette Romance

5. Gracie Lane was in Rome looking for a man. A MOTHER FOR HIS DAUGHTER, Silhouette Romance

6. Their eyes met across the crowded room. THE SHOCK ENGAGEMENT, Harlequin Romance

7. Ryan pulled off the winding country road onto a long gravel driveway and slowed his car to an idle. A FATHER IN THE MAKING, Harlequin Romance

8. Happy hour at The Cave was drawing to a close, but Jodie didn’t mind at all. WANTED: OUTBACK WIFE, Harlequin Romance

9. Siena Capuletti was going home. MEANT-TO-BE MOTHER, Harlequin Romance

10. Tom Campbell slammed the door of his trusty rusty Ute, not bothering to lock it. BILLIONAIRE ON HER DOORSTEP, Harlequin Romance

11. Flynn Granger was a leg man. GETTING DOWN TO BUSINESS, Modern Extra

12. Brooke’s head hurt. MILLIONAIRE TO THE RESCUE, Harlequin Romance

13. Morgan pushed her large sunnies higher onto her nose then stared across Como Avenue, the ice cold Melbourne street in which the cabbie had left her. STEAMY SURENDER, Modern Extra

Click on the book titles to read more.

Which is your favourite beginning? From hero's POV? The heroine's? Something romantic? Something intriguing? What pulls you into a book from the very first line?