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Thursday, 14 June 2007

and another one!

I can't believe it. Two new covers in two days. What fun!!! (For a look at my next Romance cover check out yesterday's post.)

This is the Australian and New Zealand cover for my first ever Sexy Sensation novel GETTING DOWN TO BUSINESS which comes out Down Under this August. It's my first ever "red cover" book which is tres exciting!!!

To the right was the cover of the UK version. All legs as well! Hmmmm, I see a pattern forming here...

How about I give you the first few lines of the book and maybe you can tell me why these two covers were chosen ;).

* * *

Flynn Granger was a leg man.

‘You’ve got legs of your own so what’s the big deal?’ his best friend George would ask when the subject arose. Needless to say George was a breast man.

During such conversations Flynn would lift a trouser leg, showing off his favoured argyle socks and an unequivocally masculine calf covered in dark hair, with its scarred knee from a horse-riding accident, and shaped by years of bike riding and what amounted to an addiction to his rowing machine.

Then he’d say, ‘George, buddy, I may have two very fine legs of my own, but there is simply no comparison. The sight of a woman’s calf muscles working as she passes by in a pair of high heels does it for me every time. I love the slight criss-cross of the feet, I adore the soft indent behind the knee, and I am putty in the presence of a sway that starts at the floor and goes all the way up. Then there is the sensation of running my hand along a smooth, lean, warm, willing woman’s thigh. That is quite simply the stairway to heaven.’

It wasn’t surprising then, as Flynn did the last of his morning reps on his rowing machine that Wednesday morning in April, that when the nearby security monitor flickered to life showcasing the sight of a pair of divine, smooth, creamy, stocking-free legs wandering into his outer office in a pencil skirt and black high heels, his attention was ensnared.

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