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Wednesday 27 June 2007

holidays and expanding waistlines

I've spent the past few days in Townsville for a few days with my mum, visiting my sister Suze and her man Luke. Suze is almost 30 weeks pregnant which is very exciting. We shopped up a storm, hitting every baby shop in town, which was a blast. Especially considering I am pregnant too!

Yep. I'm a little over 21 weeks and none of you noticed my expanding waistline, did ya? Or the fact my next to last book was 10 days late due my spending a good two months of writing time instead lying on my back with my feet on the arm of the couch stuffing my face with everything I could get my hands on (except for some strange reason coffee and M&Ms which interest me not one little bit) in order to not be sick. Or that I'm in track pants all the time, not because it is the uniform of the working writer but because I fit nothing else ;).

This is the Scamp a few weeks back. Look at that sweet little upturned nose! That pout. Cute huh?

Anyhoo, that's my news. And it's lovely. Feeling the Scamp kick everytime I clack at the keyboard, or mention the word steak. Borrowing a Baby Bjorn and copious amounts of advice from my sister-in-law Maria. Watching my latest ultrasound DVD, especially the part where my hubby tried to tell bub to be a good kiddlywink and roll over so we could see its face, and it reacted with such excitement you'd swear I'd just downed a bottle of red cordial. Being pregnant at the same time as my sister and my close friend Sheree. Buying white cotton Bonds socks so tiny and adorable its hard not to fill the shopping trolley with them. And choosing names - I thought that's what book writing was for!

I must be off to bed now. Am sleeping for two you know ;). And I promise not to dream of all the stuff I want from the current Toys R Us sale. Not too much anyway.