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Sunday 3 June 2007

its beginning to look a lot like winter

I'm currently working on my next Modern Extra book, whose working title I actually don't want to reveal as it kind of gives away a huge portion of the plot. Is that mean of me? Well, tough cookies ;). 'Cause I find the more I talk about stuff like plot, the more fuzzy it becomes in my head, rather than the other way around. So for the sake of keeping something up my sleeve, let's call this one Monica and Damien.

Monica and Damien's tale takes place in the hustle and bustle of city life in Melbourne in the heart of winter. It's really very nice as its winter here now too! As I write about my heroine wearing wollen scaves and knee high boots, and dressing my hero in the most beautiful long black coat, it feels real, it makes sense.

As I walk the city streets I see them, and their friends everywhere I look. For we are a winter city. We thrive on winter fashion, winter sport, the stark, grey gotham city architecture looks at its best when shrouded with fog and contrasted against the beauty of trees dropping their foliage.

So as I sit here in my PJs and ugh boots, central heater blasting away, I can pretend that I am surrounded by men in sharp suits, women in flashy clothes, warming their hands on hot takeaway lattes, twirling their scraves ever tighter around their neck as they traverse the urban jungle on their way to work.

So how amongst the throng, are Monica and Damien ever to find one another? Oooh, you'll just have to wait to find out!

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