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Saturday, 16 June 2007

nose to the grindstone

Euri asked how I could blog so often and still find time to write. She makes a good point, no? Truth is the two covers in two days, plus a box full of the Australian version of my current release BILLIONAIRE ON HER DOORSTEP, have made for too much fun for me not to blather and spread the news.

But since I am off on holidays in less than a week, and I have a book due before then - eek! - unless some other fantabulous book news comes through, or I win the lotto, or aliens land in my backyard, then I will be head down, fingers clacking away on keyboard to get the book done!

THE BEAUTIFUL STRANGER is coming along very nicely thank-you since Chelsea popped her head up and said, "Hey this man is mine!!!" I have just sent Damien and her to Chelsea's sister's cottage in the Yarra Valley east of Melbourne. After heading out there a few weeks back to go to the zoo, I couldn't resist. Think mile upon mile of of rolling fields of wheat-yellow grape vines looked over by beautifiul estate homes. Beeeeautiful!

They drove there by way of Damien's car. Nice huh?

I've just made a fun discovery about Chelsea's father, which she doesn't think is fun but I'm sure I can play with plenty. And then I will go back a few chapters and give Chelsea food poisoning. The poor girl is truly going to wish she never appeared in my subconcious ;).

See you soon!


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