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Friday, 8 June 2007


Thank-you all for your lovely words of support - both here and via email - as I endeavour to dismantle my book a week and a half before its due date. The gorgeous Fiona Lowe even sent me a cyber bunch of flowers. My initial angst must have reverberated far and wide ;).

But you know what? My new heroine Chelsea London is behaving like a dream. So far she has spilled strawberry pancake sauce on her new top, has had to clean up after a Maltese terrier with a tummy bug, and has accidentally ended up half naked in front of a large employee named Phyllis.

And these are just the moments where she isn't accusing poor Damien of being a telemarketer, a stalker or a Luddite. La di dah!

Twelve days until deadline so I'd better head off to see what they get up to next...

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