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Wednesday, 13 June 2007

why so early?

A car pulled up in our street this morning. The bang of the side door woke the dog, she barked and woke the rest of us, then the beep beep beep noise of a van backing up gave us pause. That sound always heralds a delivery on the front door! Lovely hubby got up so I could stay under the covers and beg the gods it wasn't proof edits for my last romance. With a book due in ~ a week, and two weeks holidays after that, that would have just made me cry ;).

But no, it was a lovely box of goodies! The hardcovers of my next Romance novel, MILLIONAIRE TO THE RESCUE out in North America and the UK in October. And isn't it too pretty? I looove the close up faces, he's very chiseled and handsome and certainly has Danny's intractable jaw. And she is sweet and has the right colour hair as Brooke ;), and its growing on me more and more. Check out the behind the scenes page on my website to read a quick blurb, devour a juicy excerpt, or check out the collage on which the book was based....

Now I only wish our delivery guy would come at like, say two in the afternoon rather than pre-dawn. Too much to ask?

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