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Sunday, 1 July 2007

sexy moi?

My first ever Sexy Sensation novel is online now in Australia and New Zealand!!!

If you prefer shopping in person, GETTING DOWN TO BUSINESS hits book stores in those countries mid-August, just in time for the Romance Writers of Australia conference in gorgeous Sydney, which unfortunately I won't be attending this year for the first time in something like 6 years due to the fact that I will be as big as a house by that stage. Pout pout... But surely the moula I will save on the trip can go towards more baby clothes, and toys, and bedding, and cute stuff, right?

Anyhoo, back to the book. Here's a little taste test from the opening chapter to prepare those of you who are used to my sweet books ;).

Abbey bit at her bottom lip, a nervous habit from long back. And she was nervous, for she felt like she had stumbled into the male version of a boudoir.

All dark wood furniture. A huge four-seater sofa with leather so soft it she would have been surprised if the cow from which it had come had ever seen the touch of the Australian sun. Pictures of sail boats and thoroughbred horses lined the oak-panelled walls. And a massive red twist rug that spelt the life’s work of a million silk worms swept across the huge carpeted floor at her feet until it butted up against the base of a roaring wood fire.

The room was so overtly masculine it made her feel queasy.

A scraping noise ricocheted into the room from a half open doorway at the far end of the long office. She caught sight of the corner of an unmade bed in the room beyond. The intimation of red scatter cushions piled haphazardly on the floor and draping chocolate satin sheets skittered unnervingly through her chest.

Abbey breathed deep through her nose to bring oxygen to her parts that were feeling the lack thereof, and reminded herself that the very fact that this room was an ode to power and testosterone and pure male fantasy only meant that she had come to the exact right place.

And to add to the fun. BILLIONAIRE ON HER DOORSTEP is on bookshelves in Australia and New Zealand right now!!! If you live in North America you can still find this book in stores until the middle of July as well, so if you haven't yet, run out and grab a copy now!!!

And just to see the different feel to how a Romance character and a Sexy Sensation character go about making different assumptions about the soon to be loves of their lives, here's a little bit from my latest Sweet book:

The room Tom was in was empty. No furniture. No pictures on the walls. Nothing. Well, nothing bar a twisting cream telephone cord snaking across the middle of the room to the far wall where a large grey drop cloth, buckets of paint, several flat square structures draped in fabric, a rickety old table which held numerous jars of coloured water and different sized paintbrushes, and an easel with a three-by-four foot canvas slathered in various shades of blue.

And in front of it all wearing no shoes, paint-spattered jeans, a t-shirt that might have at one time been white, and a navy bandana covering most of her biscuit blonde hair was the lady in question.

Tom cleared his throat and called out, ‘Ms Bryce?’

She spun on her heel with such speed paint from her brush splattered across the all-blue canvas.

Tom winced. It was red paint.

‘Holy heck!’ she blurted in a toned down version of the language from earlier. Her voice was husky, her high cheekbones pink, and her pale grey eyes aglow.

Well what do you know? Tom thought. My lucky day. For Lady Bryce was a knockout. He wished his cousin Alex was there with him now so he could poke him hard in the side and tell him, this is why you never say no to a damsel in distress.

‘Who the hell are you?’ the lady asked, seemingly not nearly as impressed with him. But the day was young. ‘And what are you doing in my house?’

Hope you enjoy!!!

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