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Sunday, 16 December 2007

page 3 girl

Today I am in a feature article on page 3 of Brisbane's The Sunday Mail! Exciting huh? Especially since it includes "art". 5 weeks post baby art, mind you. My cheeks don't look that chubby, right? I meant my front cheeks! Thank goodness my back cheeks are hidden ;).

The interview was relation to the 100th anniversary of Mills and Boon in 2008, though being that it is a Brisbane newspaper, and Brisbane - the beautiful city in which I grew up - the title is: Bronco Steve Renouf inspires romance writer.

Please, please, my Collingwood darlings, do not think I have forsaken thee. They understandably hankered after the Brisbane angle so I "mentioned" the nicest Bronco I ever met. I'm almost certain Steve Renouf's abs never came into the conversation though I'm sure they are very nice ;).

I did say he was a gentleman which is quality I believe all of my heroes have in spades. Including my favourite hero and a total gentleman - my hubby who even got a mention in the article so he's famous this morning too!

Check out the rest of article here!!!

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