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Tuesday 15 January 2008

pure dumb luck

When reading a new author how should one go about choosing that all important first book?

Do you pick up a book because you like the cover? Or do you make sure to go back to their first ever story so as to live the evolution? Or is it best to go via word of mouth and pick a good one to begin your journey?

My first Nora Roberts was the first JD Robb. Good decision. I loved Eve, looooved Roarke and have had a ball reading the In Death series in order.

My first Janet Evanovich was HIGH FIVE the fifth Stephanie Plum. The fifth. In a series. I have no idea what made me dive in right in the middle, but I'd heard her name mentioned that many times I went to the library and chose the only book there. The fifth. Now this could have confused me no end, but as pure dumb luck would have it the fifth is the infamous cliffhanger book. The one that ends with Steph opening the door to the man she has chosen to jump – is it Joe? Or is it Ranger? We are left with not one clue. Boy oh boy did this make me run out and buy books 1 through 6 so as to find out more and prolong the agony of finding out who the lucky man was.

Then I read my first Susan Elizabeth Phillips novel and couple of years back. A friend had lent it to a friend and I stole it off her before she returned it. FIRST LADY was the tome and it left me feeling ambivalent which normally tells this gal, a gal with too little time on her hands as is, to not go there again. So that random decision to take the book because it was handy might well have meant that I never read an SEP ever again. Well, she is lucky my mum had another SEP on her bookshelves as over Christmas I was looking for something to while away the time and chose LADY BE GOOD.

And boy am I glad.

LADY BE GOOD's hero, Kenny Traveller, a golf pro on suspension, is pure heaven; gorgeous, athletic, lazy, charming, bad boy past, rich, sarcastic, experienced, and did I mention lazy? For a writer to begin a book showcasing the hero's lack of pace, interest, enthusiasm, ambition and yet to make him sexy as all get out, I'm all hers. Lovely secondary characters, appealing heroine, truly fun and inspired circular dialogue that would be at home on the GILMORE GIRLS. And did I mention the hero? I did? Well no wonder. LADY BE GOOD has a keeper.

So have I learnt any lessons from my journey through new authors? Unlikely ;).

Anyhoo, to keep myself honest this year I've joined SHELFARI and will be reviewing this year's read books on my eHarlequin page. So if anybody has any favourite authors to send my way, I'm all yours!!!

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