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Friday, 11 April 2008

what is it about the ruffling of an unrufflable man...

Watched North and South today.

Would love to have been writing but Miss Boo wasn't in the mood to sleep. At all. Usually when awake she can happily lie on her playmat cooing and giggling and playing with toys if not on my lap desperately trying to type. But not today. Today she was awake until she had bags under her eyes cheeky miss!

Anyhoo, this gave me the perfect excuse to sit her on my lap and watch North and South.

Was soooo looking forward to this. Big build up from many friends. Richard Armitage stalkers and regular people alike. The fact that I watched 4 odd hours in one day tells you something!

Love love loved the "look back at me" scene. Adored Higgins. So charismatic. And it was all worth it for the last ten minutes through which I bawled. What is it about the ruffling of an unruffable man?

Richard Armitage is a romantic genius. More please!