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Sunday, 4 May 2008

unchained melody

The lilting strains of Soviet born Brit poppet Katie Melua are proving to be a most enlightening soundtrack for my current work in progress.

My clever godmother gave me the "Pictures" CD for Christmas and it’s just lovely. Croony, moody, soft, sweet, slightly odd and really evocative.

With song titles like "All In My Head", "If The Lights Go Out", "Spellbound" and "What It Says On The Tin" the album is the perfect foil to my book which encompasses all of the above themes.

Have a listen to her first big hit here, and see what I mean. Just heavenly. I mean the girl does covers of songs by Jeff Buckley and Leonard Cohen. How can I not love her?

These things are like a little piece of magic - find the right album and it only opens up more to the book you're writing that you never knew were already there. Well, it makes sense to me!

And she’s just gorgeous – real heroine material dontcha reckon?

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