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Saturday, 7 June 2008

lorelai & rory I'll miss you heaps... (don't panic mum, no spoilers here!)

My face is red. Blotchy. Tear soaked. As I've now seen the final episode ever of the Gilmore girls.

I've loved this show for ever. I love how fast they talk. Love the pop culture references. Love the romances and the small town characters and the family dynamics and most of all the heart.

After my hubby gave me the whole series for Xmas I have watched it bit by bit while feeding my own little girl so now she grins whenever Lorelai comes on the screen and dances happily when the theme song plays. But we've never seen the final season here in Aus so the wait for season seven was agnoy.

Then my clever little seven month old gave it to me on DVD for mothers day. Oh Happy Day!

I cried in EVERY episode, bawled my eyes out in a couple. Wished I was a size nothing so that I could fly over there and steal ALL of Rory's wardrobe -the jackets, the boots, the cool scarves! - and her hair if that doesn't sound too creepy. And sat on the edge of my seat as the major characters were given leg-ups into their prospective futures and willed for Rory and Lorelai each to be given the RIGHT happy ending.

For the last episode I made myself a fresh cup of coffee took a deep breath and let it happen. And now it's over I'll miss them all desperately. And what will I now do with my fuzzy mornings?

I know!

Seems a good time to start Sex and the City from epiosde one all over again...