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Friday, 11 July 2008

my name is ally, and...

...I'm totally addicted to the High School Musical movies. There, I've admitted it.

I'm admittedly a tad older than the target audience for such flicks. The fact that the first two were made for the Disney Channel is a bit of a giveaway there. But even so, I wonder, how can a gal not love such sweet, fun, romping romances?

Now here are the reasons why...

Well, duh, it's a romance! Gorgeous jock falls for smart girl. Can that combo ever get old? Uh, nope!!!

Umm, Zac Efron. Google Zac Efron and you get a run down of fan sites that boggles the mind. If I was 16 I'd have posters of him all over my bedroom walls to be sure! The kid's too cute for words.

It's the Strictly Ballroom, Full Monty, Grease, Dirty Dancing phenomenen. Sticka musical number at the end of a movie and you cannot go wrong. Have the audience daicing in the aisles on their way out the cinema door and their lasting memory will be one of joy. Seriously, I reckon you could make a shoot 'em up action movie, finish with a dance number and I'd love it!

Kenny Ortega - the director & choreographer. He choreographed Dirty Dancing, Ferris Bueller's Day Off, Pretty in Pink, St. Elmo's Fire, Xanadu and directed Newsies (an early Christian Bale musical flick - fabulous!!!), and Gilmore Girls. In my humble opinion he can do no wrong.

The third movie is coming out at the cinemas in October. I have friends with preteen girls who'll be going along. And now that I have a daughter, I'll have an excuse to join 'em.

Go Wildcats!