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Friday, 24 October 2008

so you wanna write a romance novel?

I'm having too much fun today getting my notes and show and tell bits and pieces ready to take a full day course at the Victorian Writers Centre Saturday.

Entitled "So You Wanna Write a Romance Novel" I'll be blathering about everything a newbie needs to know from naming characters to writing synopses and I may even have several nice pictures of handsome men to bring along with me just to help inspire romantic words from the participants.

To the right is one of those pictures of one Brad Pitt who is my current hero inspiration in the book I am working on at the mo. Well not right now as I'm getting my notes together and... you know what I mean!

The faaaabulous Anne Gracie will be taking them through her take on things all day Sunday, so after I talk their ears off, they can hear from a legend.

You can find out more about the unbelievable range of courses available through the VWC here.