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Tuesday, 20 January 2009

37 degrees

And no, I'm not talking about 37 degrees of seperation from Kevin Bacon, which is a much more fun way to spend your time than sitting at home in few clothes, trying not to expend too much energy while chasing around a toddler. I'm talking 37 degree heat.

Anyhoo, being a proactive the todder and I are having none of it. We're off to soak up someone else's air con while shopping for a bit, then meeting some friends with mathcing toddlers for a play date in a ncie air conn'd play centre. And tomorrow my little Boo is off for her pre-first-swmming-lesson-pool-familiarsation play!

Why this always hits right when the Australian Open tennis is on I have no clue. Or perhaps the question should be, why on earth did the powers that be choose late January, a time when temps always hit near 40 in Melbourne, to schedule the tournament. Genius!

Or maybe I'm being hard on them when the heat means I get to see Marat Safin sans top every other day on the telly...

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