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Tuesday, 13 January 2009

grrrr... television execs!!!

I am so unhappy that the Golden Globes have not been played on Aussie TV this year!!! Don't they know that American movie award season is like a ritual for me???

I don't listen to the radio or watch telly all day so that I feel like I'm finding out the winners in real time. I wear spangly, sparkly, dangly earrings and boof my hair even though I usually stay in my PJs. I pick apart the dresses and always end up with a clear favourite and am then ready to argue - from my desk - with those in the know who comment later. And I keep an array of junk food on hand for those nervous waits between "And the winner is..." and the answer.

The only thing taking the edge off my current angst is Heath Ledger's win for Best Supporting Actor.

I was never a particular fan of his work ( tho I do love watching A Knight's Tale and 10 Things I Hate About You), but his perfomance in The Dark Knight was a revelation. Priceless. Unmatched. Any performance that can send me away from a Christian Bale movie thinking about anything other than CB must be pretty special.

My picks for Best Dressed?

Kyra Sedwick's hot red Oscar de La Renta, and Rumer Willis's deep purple. Yum to both.

How 'bout you?