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Tuesday, 31 March 2009


So I have to preface this story with some background.

Every morning when Toddler Girl awakes, her first words are "pool", "Daddy, "kick", "ball", "bubbles", with accompanying actions. Everytime she sits down to draw a picture, it has to be of her and Daddy in the pool. Needless to say she looooves her swimming lessons she has weekly with her dad. Every time she sees the sea, a lake, a rock pool on TV, in a book, in a picture she points and says "pool" with a hopeful note in her voice.

Yesterday she was sitting on the loungeroom floor playing with her Little Mermaid doll. "Pool" she said, as in my office I have two framed pictures from the movie - which I adore - with Ariel and friends frolicking in the ocean. Then off she went to play elsewhere in the house.

It got really quiet. You know one of those too quiet quiets. I headed towards the bathroom, fearing she'd made for the toilet paper again, only to find her sitting on the floor of the toilet, covered in water, the feet of her Little Mermaid doll clasped in her fist and drenched from the neck up. She'd taken the thing for a swim.

After laughing myself silly, I stripped and scrubbed them both. But while Boo came up a treat, I fear, like many of my own Barbies growing up, Ariel's beautiful silky hair will never be the same.

The kid's not even 17 months old. How can they get so clever so quick???!!!