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Sunday, 12 April 2009

how not to write a romance novel

Are you one of those who has their most brilliant, inspired ideas at three in the morning, or when you're just about to fall asleep at night?

That's me. Settled somewhere between dream and sleep my inner lightbulb is at it's most excited.

So when I had a brilliant idea a couple of nights aback about the revisions on Meg & Zach's tale, I reached for my notepad and pen (this is so common I can find it in the dark wihtout even touching anything else along the way!), and using the "place your finger at the top left hand side of the page and write to the edge, then move your finger down a centimetre and go forth again" method of writing in the dark, made my notes.

This method is fail safe! Unless the paper has already been written on at the three the morning before... If anyone can translate anything I've said on the top three-quarters of the page, you have a skill I alas do not.

Lesson learned? Doubtful.