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Monday, 20 April 2009

music for the soul

My hubby thinks himself the Bee Gees fan in the family, what with his surety that "Staying Alive" is the best song ever written.

My heroine is a bit of a seventies music buff, so after immersing myself in Stevie Wonder while writing my current work in progrees, I've now made a switch to the Bee Gees Greatest Hits.

So there my hero was standing by a raging bonfire on the beach, awaiting the arrival of my heroine when a reggae band struck up some Bee Gees on their steel drums. At that moment my CD player switched over to "How Deep is Your Love". It was like the song had been sent to me by my muse, cause I tell ya that song is some fabulous kind of mood music!

Here it is, live, for all of you looking for a bit of chill...

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