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Wednesday, 15 April 2009

out now! in spanish

La Novia del Jefe, the Spanish version of HIRED: THE BOSS'S BRIDE is out now. You can grab it online through Amazon and other outlets.


The novel is mostly set in a beautiful old art auction house on High Street in Melbourne. Mitch Hanover's business is in much need of a makeover, and he's even more in need of Veronica.


When Veronica Bing was a little girl her grand plan in life was to have blue eyes and blonde hair.
Long blonde hair down to her waist and the kind of baby blue eyes that made a girl able to get away with anything. And to be a fairy princess with wings. And with braces on her teeth and divorced parents as all the kids at school had them. Oh, and she’d wanted a hot pink car.

Not too much to ask, right?
Instead, her hair had grown in thick, wavy, and dark, and after six months in her late teens when she’d fulfilled her lifelong dream of being blonde, she’d realised she’d looked like a fruitcake and gone back to her natural brunette. Alas her eyes had also remained muddy brown from the moment she was born and she’d had to learn find other ways to get what she wanted.
The wings had never appeared. In fact she’d soon discovered she was allergic to flying – if nausea, sweating palms, shortness of breath could be classed as signs of an allergy. Funnily enough mangoes, apricots and tall dark handsome men who saw her as the answer to all their connubial dreams produced the same symptoms. Hence the fact that she as yet remained prince-free making the princess dream also null and void.
Her teeth had grown in spectacularly well, unfortunately without help of braces. And as she’d been a happy accident, a late and only child of Don and Phyllis Bing who’d been about to hit their fifties at the time she was born and by that stage had been married thirty years already, her parents had never divorced. Instead her father had died of a heart attack while Veronica was still in high school and her mother had taken her time passing away from a broken heart. Though the medicos had claimed it was Alzheimer’s, Veronica had left University to care for her mum and thus knew better.
And as to the hot pink car? Well, one out of seven ain’t bad!

4 1/2 stars from Romantic Times. "Ally Blake's Hired: The Boss's Bride is as breezy, sexy and warm hearted as its remarkable heroine, and its hero is pretty special too."

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