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Friday, 1 May 2009

you asked for it!

I'm so excited... My first ever "By Request" - a re-release of a past story, is out now in the UK! BARGAINING WITH THE BILLIONAIRE is a 3 book collection with stories by Robyn Donald and Kay Thorpe and me.


My fourth book, and one of my bestselling novels around the world was HOW TO MARRY A BILLIONAIRE and it has some tales to tell! It's the only book for which I chose the title. The only book I've written that had NO revisions. Not a single word. And after ditching the book I had spent months writing, I instead wrote this one in 16 days, so it's by far the fastest book I've ever written.


Cara checked her lip gloss in her compact mirror for the third time on the cab drive over.
She closed the compact, smacked her lips together once more and found the taxi driver watching her in the rear vision mirror. She sent him a self-conscious smile.
‘Big date?’ he asked.
Cara shook her head. ‘Job interview.’
‘At the TV station? What sort of job? Are you a newsreader or something?’
‘No, nothing like that. I’m hoping to land a job on one of those new dating shows. I don’t even know the title or anything. It’s all pretty hush hush, actually.’
She jolted forward lightly in her seat as he unexpectedly pumped the brakes.
‘Really?’ the driver said. ‘Are you going to be one of those girls in bikinis who sit in a hot tub all day?’
‘Gosh no!’ she declared. ‘I’m a behind the scenes type. I’m going for the job of styling the male lead in the show.’
‘Oh,’ the driver said before focussing more fully on the road ahead. Obviously hot tubs and bikinis were much more his scene.


Romantic Times 4 stars: "Ally Blake's How to Marry a Billionaire is a light-hearted fantasy with an engaging plot and great characters. Just plain fun."

re-released in a 3 book collection alongside stories by Robyn Donald and Kay Thorpe.

Order now online!

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