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Friday 12 June 2009

more babies

We've had some new members of our household arrive over the past two days.

Toddler Girl loves turtles (because Mary Poppins rides one) so I suggested to reptile-loving hubby she might like one as a pet. So now we have two penny turles swimming about in a tank in our kitchen. And boy are they cute!!!! Teeny tiny and seriously adorable.
Somehow that translated to "Since I acquiesced to turtles how about you buy yourself more scary looking reptiles for yourself!"
So now we are proud co-inhabitants with two shingleback lizards, which in the end aren't nearly as scary looking as I thought they'd be. They're actually quite beautiful with heads shaped like dinosaur heads and the most amazing markings on their skin.
For those of you who adore Arrested Development as much as we do the lizards are called Buster and Lucille 2. The turtles are as yet name-free. If Bridget had her choice they'd be Woody and Buzz. Any other ideas most welcome. (We have no idea if they are boys or girls so let your imaginations run wild!!!)