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Saturday, 11 July 2009

the cutting room floor :: the cardboard hunk

As part of my "what got cut out" from my current Harlequin Romance novel DATING THE REBEL TYCOON pre-publication series of posts (check out my last post to see what I mean), here's the answer to the first question which was...

Which "gorgeous movie star" was originally depicted in the cardboard cut out that kept Rosie company on cold lonely nights???

From the moment I dreamed up a life-sized carbaord cut out to be Rosie's makeshift, live-in boyfriend, I had the image of Keanu Reeves from Point Break in mind. All dark and slippery and muscly and wet, holding a surfbaord and making any guy who came into her home feel inadequate in return. Every man bar gorgeous, confident Cameron Kelly of course. Though perhaps there was a twinge, just for a moment ;)...

Keanu was cut and changed to "gorgeous movie star" in copy edits. A taste thing? Legal reasons? I was only flattering so I'm not sure that was the reason ;). These things happen. Sometimes you fight to keep 'em. Other times you save your battles.

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