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Monday 13 July 2009

the cutting room floor :: the uber band

As part of my "what got cut out" from my current Harlequin Romance novel DATING THE REBEL TYCOON pre-publication series of posts (check out an older post to see what I mean), here's the answer to the second question which was...

Which rock band did Cameron's school chum Callum originally plan to be a roadie for before becoming an orthodontist instead?

The answer? Aerosmith! they'd be a pretty cool band to follow round right???
Why was this bit cut out? Again - and as most often happens with me - it was originally there in a scene in which Cameron was being funny with his old friends but it was about a guy who never appeared in the book and made no difference to whether or not Rosie and Cameron were going to get together or not. So poor Callum, and his childhood dream were cut!
Here's what poor Callum missed out on - Aerosmith singing "Dream On".

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