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Thursday, 9 July 2009

'dating the rebel tycoon' - the cutting room floor

Right here, just for you lucky souls who have stumbled upon my corner of the web today, I'm going to give you some nice little treats that might make your reading experience of DATING THE REBEL TYCOON my current Harlequin Romance, a little more fun.

When one writes a book, some bits and pieces do get edited out. There are word limit reasons, legal reasons, taste reasons. And for whatever reasons I am going to reveal some insider goss about my lead characters which disapeared by way of the editing chopping block!

First, I'm gonna make you guess. How much fun is that???

Which "gorgeous movie star" was originally depicted in the cardboard cut out that kept Rosie company on cold lonely nights???

Which rock band did Cameron's school chum Callum originally plan to be a roadie for before becoming an orthodontist instead?

Which movie did Cameron admit to crying during?

Where does Cameron do most of his UFO spotting?

What was my working title?

Watch this space for the answers over the next few days.
Read an excerpt from the book to get a feel for the characters.
Or better yet buy the book, read it, and see what you think!

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