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Saturday, 30 January 2010

important research

Every book needs at least a little research in order to make it as real as possible and my current Modern Heat wip THE LONG WEEKEND has been no different.

Here are some random things I’ve had fun googling thus far:

  • private jets
  • whiskey sour cocktails
  • amanda peet
  • ruffle handbags
  • brunswick street cafes
  • cradle mountain resorts
  • karaoke
  • george michael’s best of
  • man satchels
  • gerard butler

Googling one Gerard Butler has, naturally been the most fun. The lovely and talented Robyn Grady has kindly leant him to me for the interim. I have every intention of returning him in full working order, and hopefully with a few extra tricks up his sleeve than when I borrowed him. It’s the least I can do Robbie!

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