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Saturday 9 January 2010

looking for a new favourite author?

In the spirit of sharing the love, here's three books I've read of late that I adored.

LUCY KING "Bought: Damsel in Distress". Lucy is a brand, spanking new Modern Heat author and this is her fantasmagorical debut. Juuuust my sought of book - fun, airy, sexy with a lovable heroine and a simply delicious hero. (Grab a copy here)

ANNE GRACIE "The Stolen Princess". For those of you yet to discover Anne Gracie, boy am I envious!!! She's a faaaabuous historical author who writes lovely, warm, funny, meltingly romantic books. This is the first of a series. Yippee! Three books are available right now and I've heard from the horse's mouth that the fourth has been delivered! Is there anything better than finding a gorgeous series you can dive right into??? (Grab the first Devil Rider book here)

SOPHIE KINSELLA "Twenties Girl". Brought to you by the author of the Shopaholic books. My clever godmother bought me this stand-alone tale for Christmas. I polished it off in a glorious day and a half. (Order now from The Book Depository for 25% off and free delivery worldwide!)

Any new books or new authors you've discovered of late that you simply must crow about? If so, share!!!