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Sunday, 17 January 2010

my real heroes and heroines!

Meet Alex and Justine. My every day hero and heroine. For they are two of the hadnful of hosts of Play School the best kids' show on around.

Play School is all lovely nursery rhymes, great stories, fun cooking, easy arts and crafts and lots of music and smiles delivered by bright charming folk who feel like one of the family. And they do it all with a twinkle in the eye that makes mum and dad feel like they can watch with a grin as well.

The theme song begins and my 8 month old bounces on her bottom and Toddler Girl sings along and commentates the entire show with much pointing and gasping and excitement when familiar songs and toys and hosts appear.

The lady who does all their arts and crafts stuff doe such an ammaaaazing job with everyday items, she makes me think that even I could make a fairy castle out of those old boxes collecting dust in the back room!

For those moments when Mummy needs to wash the dishes, or wipe up a spill (or ten) before it gets trodden into everything, or answer the phone, or settle the baby, or sit on the couch and not move for ten solid minutes, Play School can come to the rescue.

So thank-you Justine and Alex and Matt and Leah and Karen and Rhys and all you good folk for your thoughtful, fun, educational selves.

XXX Ally