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Friday, 1 January 2010

my unnatural love of even numbers

Gosh, I love a new year!!!

Like a brand new Word File it looms before me, brimming with endless possibilities. Travel? A new niece or nephew? The best books I've read written, the best books I've ever read?

2010 feels even more exciting because I have an endearing love for even numbers. For example, the volume on the TV always has to be even. Always. In the second half of this year I will be aged an even number so that can only bode well, right?!?!?

I sit here breathing deep of the rain-filled air that overnight washed away the heat of the last few days. It even smells like a fresh start.

Then I peak into the kitchen to find I've yet to wash the kids' breakfast dishes, and I realise, this day is not so much about a clean slate as it is an oppurtunity to take stock. To realise the wonderful things the past year, and all past years have brought me thus far. To begin not a new book, but a new chapter.

But still to dream and hope and imagine and be giddy about what's to come!

x X x